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Since 2017 working together to improve their administrative processes. Implementing Standard ERP in its branches in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, United States and Chile. Developing the automation of billing and collection processes.



ACISA is the number one Chevrolet dealership in Paraguay, with more than 100 years in the market. Together we carried out a complete transformation of their processes with the implementation of the system in all sectors of the company, such as auto and spare parts sales and technical service.



With Distribuidora Cummins, support is provided to the subsidiary in Uruguay and Argentina. Part of the work carried out was the implementation of electronic invoice in Uruguay, and purchasing and control processes in Argentina.



We accompany them  in the ERP upgrade process. With changes in stock and sales processes. The next steps will be integration with CRM, and Web page. As well as the incorporation of work project management within the ERP.

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Bas&Is is a Standard ERP client with more than 20 years of history. With them our job is to be day by day in administration oursorcing, plus constant changes in the use of the system, adding reports, new processes, etc.


Laboratorios Medicos Honduras

At Laboratorios Medicos, with six branches,  inventory management was a crucial issue. By implementing Standard ERP and Business Alerts, they automated stock replacements and optimized inventory levels, preventing overstock. As well as the billing processes, when integrated with Salu, they managed to be more efficient.

Gas Meridional S.A.

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Gas Meridional S.A.: They have been clients since its inception, and they have trusted us along with their 8 companies in the Endriven group. With contract billing and contract renewal processes, it takes exhaustive control of each basin and producer with whom they market.

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Explora  S.A.

Explora: Implementation with Explora not only leads to basic processes of any ERP, but also to integrations with your website or integrations with scales for weighing trucks at the entrance and exit of the plant.

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